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The RJ Webinar series by Theo Gavrielides

Free webinars on key restorative justice themes


As part of RJ4All's Youtube channel, we are pleased to offer this webinar series by Prof. Theo Gavrielides. 

Webinars are added on a continuous basis and cover themes such as what is restorative justice as well as its application within the criminal justice system, schools, the community and much more.  Sign up to our channel to receive notifications for new webinars, which you are welcome to use for yourself or your teaching. 

Support RJ4All and this free webinar series by donating towards our goal of rebalancing power through restorative justice education. 

Check out our Power, Race and Restorative Justice project and our current work towards equality and justice.

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Episode 1 - RJ & Mental Health - June 2020

Episode 2: Not defining Restorative Justice - June 2020

Episode 3: Domestic Violence & restorative justice - June 2020

Episode 4: Power, Race & restorative justice - June 2020

Episode 5: Power and conflict resolution - July 2020 

Episode 6: The 3 levers of power & control - July 2020

Episode 7: Hate crimes & restorative justice - August 2020

Episode 8: The History of Restorative Justice - November 2020

Episode 9 with special guest Prof. Gabriel Velez - Virtual Restorative Justice - February 2021

Episode 10 with special guest Prof. Gerry Johnstone - March 2021

Episode 11: Restorative Justice for Children | RJ Webinar Series by Dr Theo Gavrielides 

Episode 12 Power, Race & Justice | RJ Webinar Series by Dr Theo Gavrielides with Pavan Dhaliwal

Episode 13 Power abuse that racialises us all | RJ Webinar Series by Prof Theo Gavrielides & Laura Hamblin 

Episode 14 Restorative Pain & a personal story, February 2022

Episode 15 Restorative Justice History, April 2022

Episode 16  Power, Race, Justice: Professorial inaugural lecture, April 2022

Episode 17 Race & Power panel debate with Simon Israel, April 2022

Episode 18 Restorative Justice then, now and the future with Martin Wright, July 2022

Episode 19 The restorative dialogue we won't have, August 2022

Episode 20 reventing violent radicalisation CPD course, December 2022

Episode 21: Preventing Violent Youth Radicalisation with Thomas Toscano,
March 2023

Episode 22: Violent Youth Radicalisation: The Truth, March 2023

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