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This research examines the impact of information on public attitudes towards restorative justice conferencing and explores whether attitudes are affected by the perspective in which information is presented. Specifically, it assesses whether two videos used by the Restorative Justice Unit (Corrective Services New South Wales) to explain their conferencing program, affect people’s attitudes towards the program. Both videos present general information about the program, however one is presented from a victim’s perspective and the other from an offender’s perspective. Eighty-seven participants were randomly allocated into one of the two video groups. All participants completed an online questionnaire that measured their attitudes before and after watching either video, to assess any effect of information. Participants’ post-video attitudes were compared across the two groups to assess any effect of perspective. This information had a positive effect on attitudes towards restorative justice conferencing, regardless of the perspective in which it was presented.


Key words

Blackmore, rj, conferencing, attitudes, public, information, impact, Australia, IJRJ

Blackmore, H. (2014). "The Effect of Information on Public Attitudes Towards ...

  • Blackmore, H. (2014). "The Effect of Information on Public Attitudes Towards Restorative Justice Conferencing", Internet Journal of Restorative Justice, Issue 2,  April 2014, pp.1-46, ISSN (online): 2056-2985.


    Corresponding Authors: 

    Holly Blackmore 

    PhD candidate, UNSW Law School 

    University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052, Australia

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