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Rights & Restoration within Youth Justice unites the principles and practices of human rights and restorative justice. Leading international experts challenge current thinking on evidence-based youth justice policy. Through international case studies, a framework emerges for connecting human rights and restorative justice approaches to criminal justice policy and practice.


“This timely collection enriches human rights and restorative justice worldwide.” ~ John Braithwaite, Australian National University and Australian Research Council Federation Fellow and Founder of RegNet

“Rights & Restoration demonstrates that restorative processes are effective in producing a just response, repairing harm to victims, holding offenders accountable, and teaching values while recognizing the importance of relationships.” ~ Daniel Van Ness, Executive Director of the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation, Prison Fellowship International, and Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine University

“The relationship between restorative justice and human rights has long been ignored by policy and practice, and this book bridges this gap without any geographical limitations.” ~ Brenda Morrison, Co-Director Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University.



"If policymakers have the objective of bettering justice responses for young people, then Theo Gavrielides‟ (2012) edited volume, Rights & Restoration within Youth Justiceis a must read. It makes an important contribution to youth justice. 1) It bridges a growing divide between evidence-based research and practice; 2) It promotes a participatory framework for doing democracy that necessitates youth voice; 3) It allows for complex issues – serious crimes, like domestic violence – to be responded to in complex – imaginative yet careful – ways. Gavrielides does all this by judiciously connecting the disciplines of restorative justice and human rights. The key question of the book is: how can these two fields work collaboratively to accomplish the above goal? Contributors are a blend of scholars, policymakers, and practitioners." Judah Oudshoorn, Professor of Community & Criminal Justice, Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Professor of Community & Criminal Justice, Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Rights & Restoration Within Youth Justice

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  • Gavrielides, T. (2012) Rights and Restoration within Youth Justice, Whitby: de Sitter Publications. ISBN 978-1-897160-62-6.



    • Preface John Braithwaite
    • Foreword Daniel Van Ness



    • Bridging restorative justice and human rights for youth justice Theo Gavrielides
    • Traditional indigenous restorative practices and perspectives on current frameworks of justice and human rights Pat Lauderdale and Annamarie Oliverio
    • Reconstructing and Restoring human rights Colin Harvey
    • The standardization of restorative justice Gerry Johnstone
    • Restorative justice and human rights in a democratic society Lode Walgrave



    • Restorative justice and partnership violence: Austria Christa Pelikan
    • Human Rights-Based Restorative Justice for Violence against Young Women: Experiences from Greece and the UK Theo Gavrielides and Vaso Artinopoulou
    • Restorative Justice and Young Females in Custody in Greece Vaso Artinopoulou
    • The Shifting Visage of Youth Justice in Canada: Moving Towards a More Responsive Regulatory Model within a Human Rights Framework John Winterdyk and Nicholas Jones
    • Justice, Education and Human Rights: Partnerships, Policies and Progress in the UK? Richard Grimes
    • The Position of Juvenile Offenders in Hungary: Policy and Practice Tunde Andrea Barabas Restorative Justice and the Right to Move On: Toward Deinstitutionalizing the Stigma of a Criminal Conviction Rod Earle and Alison Wakefield
    • Hate Crime in the UK: Promoting the Values of Dignity and Respect through Restorative Justice Mark Walters
    • An Approach to Empathy Building and Reconciliation: The Case of Turkish, Greek and Cypriot Youth Maria Hadjipavlou
    • Afterword: User-led Youth Justice Policy: A Participatory Democracy through Restorative Justice and Human Rights Theo Gavrielides
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