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3rd International Symposium on Restorative Justice: Disciplining and Taking Restorative Justice Forward: From Research & Theory to International Policy & Practice

The Symposium was held 17-24 June 2016, in Skopelos, Greece. The event built upon the successful model of the 1st International Symposium on Restorative Justice 2012  and the 2nd International Symposium on Restorative Justice 2014  that had the format of an ancient Greek symposium allowing in-depth discussion, relationship building and self-reflection.

To see photos from the 2012 symposium please follow this link. Photos from the 2014 Symposium can be found here.

  • 16/17 June: Arrival in Athens

  • 17 June: Event  on the ancient and secret ground of Plato’s Academy & welcome reception under the Acropolis

  • 18 June: Departure from Athens to Skopelos

  • 19 June: Mamma Mia tour in Skopelos (complementary)

  • 19 June: Symposium Opening evening ceremony in Skopelos (complementary - refreshments and light dinner)

  • 20-23 June: Symposium sessions (morning and afternoons, complementary refreshments)

  • 24 June: Social Programme and Closing evening Symposium ceremony

  • 25 June: Departure from Skopelos to Athens.

The theme & Impetus

Unlike traditional conferences, ancient Greek Symposia aim to build relationships amongst the participants and through these bonds foster deep and honest dialogue about matters that most institutions tend to shy away from. Gavrielides and Artinopoulou wrote about the Symposium methodology in the book that resulted from the 1st Symposium.

In 2016, we brought together international experts from a range of disciplines to address the issue of moving restorative justice beyond theory and research to international policy and practice. At a critical point for international policy reform, we applied a multi-disciplinary approach to answer questions for international players (e.g. European Commission, the UN), national governments and policy fora. Key topics covered included:

  • Delivering justice and criminal justice in a difficult financial climate

  • Addressing the lack of morality and ethics in businesses, banking and financial institutions

  • Understanding, preventing and mitigating international terror while respecting human rights and liberties

  • Balancing the rights of all those affected by conflict (victims, offenders, families and communities).

Institutions worldwide have invested millions on research programmes aiming to address these key concerns and yet we are far from achieving consensus and indeed real outcomes. The Symposium debated issues impacting horizontally and vertically on all the aforementioned global concerns. Our intention was two fold. First, to enhance knowledge and second to create ground breaking international policy for better criminal justice and justice practice.

Follow the links below for:

  1. ORGANISER: Prof Theo Gavrielides, Co- Director RJ4All Institute, UK​

  2. ORGANISER: Prof Vasso Artinopoulou,  Co- Director RJ4All Institute, Greece

  3. ​SECRETARIAT: Iro Michael, RJ4All Institute, Greece

  4. SECRETARIAT: Alexandra Koufouli, RJ4All Institute, Greece

  5. Mr John Apsouris, Group General Counsel, Hellenic Petroleum S.A., Greece

  6. Ms Penelope Griffith, Executive Director, Collaborative Solutions for Communities, USA

  7. Ms Jasmina Nikolic, Victimology Society of Serbia, Serbia

  8. Prof Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic, Director, Victimology Society of Serbia; Professor, Faculty for Special Education, Belgrade University, Serbia

  9. Ms Karla Olinek, Justice Coordinator for the Nak'azdli Alternate Justice Centre, Canada

  10. Ms Margaret Thorsborne, pioneer of restorative approaches in education and workplaces - Practitioner, facilitator, trainer, consultant, author, Australia

  11. Prof Lorraine Gamman, Professor of Design at the University of the Arts London; Director Design Against Crime Research Centre, UK

  12. Dr Lorenn Walker, Health educator, Restorative lawyer; Director, Hawai’i Friends of Restorative Justice, USA

  13. Dr Jane Bolitho, School of Social Sciences, UNSW, Australia

  14. Dr William Wood, Senior lecturer, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University; Associate editor, Victims & Offenders, Australia

  15. Dr Anne Hayden, Research Associate of Office of Pro Vice-Chancellor, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand 

  16. Mr Steve Brady, Trauma-Informed Counsellor, Restorative Practices Trainer & Facilitator, Australia

  17. Judge Evangelia Palaiologou, PhD, Honorary Judge, Chairman of “Association of Greek Judges and Prosecutors for the Democracy and the Liberties”, Greece

Please follow the link to read delegates' biographies.


Due to limited transport options on the island, only in town accommodation will be arranged.  We have reserved one of the best hotels on the island: Prince Stafylos Hotel. For your convenience, RJ4All has arranged the following fees for excellent accommodation by the sea. Please also note that these fees refer to high quality hotels, close to the symposium’s meeting point for the complimentary shuttle bus service which will be provided for the meetings of the participants on the island. 


RJ4All, the organising Institution, is a not for profit organisation with no additional income for this event. We strive to secure some funding to subsidise costs for everyone.

The registration fee covers the following: 

  • Opening evening reception in Athens including refreshments

  • Welcome reception in Skopelos including refreshments and light food

  • Inland transportation (shuttle bus) in Skopelos

  • Delegates' pack and stationary

  • Administration for the event

  • Refreshments during presentations

  • Subsidised cost for dinners and lunches

  • Publication and conference material.

Please kindly note that the registration fee does not cover accommodation and travelling costs (flights, taxis etc). We will help you search for the best flight tickets. Costs can be varied (e.g. from London, if booked early there are flights for £75 return). Flight costs will be covered directly by the participants.

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