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Restorative Justice Training in Chile


As part of its international mission to increase awareness and knowledge of restorative justice, the RJ4All Institute delivered a series of restorative justice seminars in Chile. Prof. Theo Gavrielides, RJ4All Founder & Director, and Ben Lyon, Restorative Justice Advisor, accepted an invitation by the Centre of Mediation and Arbitration of the Law School of the Central University of Chile (Universidad Central) to deliver training seminars in Santiago, La Serena and Iquique.

On 17th and 18th October in 2012, seminars were delivered in Iquique and La Serena to postgraduate students of Universidad Central. On 19th and 20th October, training seminars were delivered in Santiago to mediators, prosecutors, private institutions, postgraduate students from Universidad Central, lawyers, psychologists and professors.


On the 23rd 2012, Prof. Gavrielides gave a lecture on restorative justice and riots following his research that was published in the book "Waves of Healing: Using Restorative Justice with Street Group Violence". The Chilean Ministry of Justice attended amongst others.

Dr. Theo Gavrielides said: "We are honoured by this invitation. Clearly there is much to learn from the UK experience, but we are also looking forward to learning from the many restorative justice examples in Chile. Our partnership with the Centre at Universidad Central is very much valued and I look forward to exploring further areas of collaboration".

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