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Despite the impressive literature on restorative justice, the potential of its paradigm with street group violence remain largely unexplored. The financial, political and social implications that recent riots are having on governments across the world spark a new debate on the appropriateness of restorative approaches in relieving the overstretched and costly criminal justice system.


The book uses the case study method to investigate examples in India, Greece, Canada and England, where restorative justice is considered within the context of street group violence. Key issues are identified and recommendations are posited, as new policies, practices and research are being proposed in this grey area of restorative justice.


Published book review in Restorative Justice: An International Journal



"The strength of restorative justice lies within communities, not formal structures. This book and IARS' mission for community-led solutions to current social problems helps us, academics, to develop new lines of methods of research and scientific dialogue". - Prof Vasso Artinopoulou, Panteion University


"The potential of restorative justice with street group violence, such as riots, remain largely unexplored. This is a timely book that takes an important step for research, policy and practice". - Prof Gerry Johnstone, Hull University


"This book has already laid the foundations for restorative justice pilors with Vancouver rioters. I hope that communities beyond our borders will use it to pursue restoration of harm caused by street group violence". - Prof Brenda Morrison, Simon Fraser University.

Waves of Healing: Using Restorative Justice with Street Group Violence

  • Gavrielides, T. (2012). Waves of Healing: Using Restorative with Street Group Violence, London: IARS Publications. ISBN 978-1-907641-10-7.


    The book is also available as an ebook and can also be access on Kindle via this link



    • Preface & Acknowledgements;
    • Foreword, Professor Brenda Morrison;
    • Preface, Professor Vasso Artinopoulou;
    • Problem Statement & Research Methodology;
    • Definitions: 'Restorative Justice' & 'Street group violence';
    • Street Group Violence: Four Events;
    • Restorative Justice with Street Group Violence;
    • Discussion;
    • Concluding Thoughts;
    • Bibliography.
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