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Continuous Professional Development (COD) e-courses convener:

  1. Restorative Justice Art: Supporting Migrant Integration Across Europe (2022)

  2. Preventing cyberbullying towards LGBTQ+ youth: A restorative justice and human rights approach (2022)

  3. Preventing violent radicalisation in criminal justice settings: A Restorative Justice approach (2022)

  4. Restoring Respect through Music Education: Addressing social marginalisation (2022)

  5. Train the trainer to prevent gender-based violence (2021)

  6. Preventing gender-based violence in youth settings: restorative justice & media education (2021)

  7. Improving mental health through restorative justice (2021)

  8. Empowering migrants and refugees: Employment, IT and settlement (2021)

  9. Art as a restorative justice tool for mental health (2021)

  10. Building Youth Resilience (2020)

  11. Safeguarding children advanced Level 2 e-course (2021)

  12. Induction to restorative justice theory and practice (2020)

  13. Young Peer Mediators: E-course for children and young people (2020)

  14. Theory of Change: Learning how to measure project and organisational impact (2020)

  15. Fighting COVID19’s impact: Identifying and dealing with mental health issues (2020)

  16. Resolving conflict and addressing group violence (2020)

  17. Conducting youth-led research: Informing and influencing social policy (2020)

  18. Restorative Justice in Higher Educational Settings (2019)

  19. Preventing Violent Youth Radicalisation: A restorative justice and human rights approach (2019)

  20. Safeguarding and Empowering Crime Victims

  21. Becoming a young entrepreneur (2019)

  22. Empowering Professionals to work with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Young Carers (2018)

  23. Transferring young carers’ skills, knowledge and experiences into employment and education (2018)

  24. Upskilling youth professionals to work with young people on gender-based violence (2018)

  25. Increasing young people’s public legal education on gender-based violence and FGM (2017)

  26. Empowering professionals to work with refugee and asylum seeking victims (2017)

Academic Courses:

2022: BSc (Hons) Forensic Psychology – restorative justice module (University of East London)

2015: Work-based Certificate in Youth Policy (accredited through London Metropolitan University)

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