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Personal Training & Nutrition Planning

I've always been passionate about learning how to improve my own physical and mental health. Having seen the impact that this learning has had on me, I extended it to helping others qualifying as a Personal Trainer.

I am particularly interested in supporting clients faced with health conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure or those at their early stages of their fitness journey. Sessions can be held either in person at the RJ4All Community Gym in SE London, or online.

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Nutrition Planning

It all starts in the kitchen! 

I've always said ... we go to the gym to get stronger - NOT to lose weight! I would love to plan your nutrition, track your progress and help you overcome physical and mental health barriers that are preventing you to achieve your goals! 

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The ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates once said: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."


This is a #free series of short videos with quick and healthy recipes using food as medicine. Watch these fun and educative series to learn how to cook with simple ingredients while improving your health and preventing mental and physical illnesses.

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