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This ebook is the summary version of a longer ebook that brings together the work of five organisations working on the Restoring Respect Project (RRP).


The project was supported by the Erasmus+ Programme, under KA202 Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training”. It is coordinated by the Restorative Justice for All International Institute (United Kingdom) in partnership with “Koinonikes Sineteristikes Drastriotites Efpathon Omadon EDRA” (Greece), “Social Center for Innovation” (Cyprus), “ICSE & CO” (Italy) and “Fundacion Altius Francisco de Vittoria’ (Spain).


The ultimate objective of RRP is to address the employment gap between established and migrant communities while restoring the respect in migrant populations who are often viewed and treated as unqualified and unable to contribute to their host country. RRP uses the underlying values of restorative justice including power-sharing, equality, dignity and respect in relation to both its internal management and the production of its results.

Restoring Respect in Migrants: Summary findings from the Restoring Respect Proje

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