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This book focuses on the use of restorative justice with young people in custody in the UK, and aims to achieve three objectives. Firstly, to provide and up-to-date descriptive account of restorative practices within the secure estate. This account looks at issues of classification, definition and understanding. Secondly, to prevent a critical overview of existing restorative practices with the objective of establishing the extent to which they influence the regimes and programmes of the secure estate.

Based on qualitative data from young people, practitioners, policy makers, victims, offenders and academics, the paper posits evidence-based recommendations for policy and strategy analysts, researchers and practitioners at a critical point in time for the restorative justice movement.



"This concise exploration of alternative approaches to incarcerated young offenders should be read by those who believe that prison defer future criminality. Although written within the European context, Gavrielides' work should give pause to those who believe that the emerging trend in other countries (eg. Canada) to send more young offenders to prison for longer sentences as part of a politically motivated "tough on crime" stance". - Doug King, Department of Justice Studies, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada


"Dr Gavrielides is one of the leading European experts on restorative justice. His work is highly respected and it is always a pleasure to keep abreast with his efforts in the area. The 84-page monograph is no exception. Based on a restorative justice project involving four European countries, the monograph provides a highly accessible and enlivened; yet balanced, examination of restorative justice and its compatibility within "the practice and theory of imprisonment". For anyone serious about learning about the possible application of restorative justice principles within a broader empirical context, this little monograph is worth adding to the growing collection of RJ literature". - Amazon review

Restorative Justice and the Secure Estate: Alternatives for Young People

  • Gavrielides, T. (2011). Restorative Justice and the Secure Estate: Alternatives for Young People, IARS: London. ISBN 978-1-907641-08-4.



    • Preface & Acknowledgements;
    • Foreword, Dr Graham Robb; Chair of the Youth Justice Board
    • Preface, Dr Borbola Fellegi;
    • Executive Summary & Recommendations;
    • Introduction & problem statement;
    • Project background & research methodology;
    • Understanding restorative justice in the secure estate;
    • A critical overview of restorative justice in the secure estate; A strategy for restorative justice in the secure estate;
    • Critical reflections: the sceptic and the believer;
    • Bibliography.
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