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This training handbook forms part of the CPD accredited e-course "Conducting youth-led research: Informing and influencing social policy. 


The Handbook aims to empower young people from all walks of life as well as anyone working with them in order to better understand:


  • What social policy is and how to inform and influence it.
  • What youth-led and user-led research is, and how to use it to collect evidence in social sciences including youth policy, crime, equalities and human rights.
  • How to conduct youth-led research using interviews focus groups and questionnaires.
  • How to analyse your qualitative data and transform them into arguments for informing and influencing social policy
  • How to present and write your research and arguments including being able to identify your methodology strengths and limitations.

Conducting youth-led research: Handbook

£4.99 سعر عادي
£1.99سعر البيع
  • This Handbook and the e-course it supports form part of RJ4All Institute's wider "Balancing Power Youth Programme". Part of this programme is also the youth-led FRED campaign. For more information 

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