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This e-book brings together the work of six organisations working on the Mental Health Matters project, which is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme, under KA204 Strategic Partnerships for adult education”. It is coordinated by the Restorative Justice for All International Institute (United Kingdom), and is delivered in partnership with “Koinonikes Sineteristikes Drastriotites Efpathon Omadon EDRA” (Greece), “Social Center forInnovation” (Cyprus), “Fundacion Intras (Spain), the Athens School of Fine Arts (Greece)and Lelekben Otthon (Hungary). The project aims to challenge current practices in mental health settings by bringing together restorative justice with art. The two concepts can help rebalance power amongst patients and providers while providing healing and therapeutic results. MHMaims to create the first methodological approach for bringing together the practices of restorative justice and art while creating innovative tools and training material for key stakeholders such as artist, mental health professionals and restorative justice practitioners. This ebook presents the first findings of the project.

Bringing Restorative Justice and Art into Mental Health Settings

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