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Intercontinental partnership to strengthen restorative justice

The UK-based international NGO, Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All), and its Restorative Justice Research Network (RJRN), are pleased to announce their US collaboration with Restorative Justice International (RJI).

"It is a great honor to again work with Dr. Theo Gavrielides and his effective RJ4All team. RJI looks forward to implementing our joint vision for restorative justice and collaborating in ways that change lives and lower crime rates," said Lisa Rea, President and Founder of Restorative Justice International. "Globally justice systems are desperate for real solutions to crime and violence that will work to restore crime victims while transforming offenders and making communities safer. Restorative justice is just that answer," Rea said.

RJI is dedicated to victims-driven restorative justice and founded by international restorative justice expert and public policy advocate Lisa Rea in 2009. RJI is a "go-to" place online to learn about restorative justice and to connect with others doing robust restorative justice work around the world. RJI produces popular and news-worthy podcasts with experts and guests with deep experience in the field. RJI is supported by its Global Advisory Council, a team of diverse and esteemed restorative justice experts and human rights advocates including key victims of violent crime. RJI affiliates represent the following countries: Australia, India, Rwanda, Canada, Spain, Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden, Uganda, South Africa, U.S., Nigeria, UK and others. RJI urges the use of restorative justice with all forms of violence and works to develop public policy models, programs and enabling legislation supported by evidence-based research.

Dr Theo Gavrielides, Director and Founder of RJ4All said: “Bringing together the European and US experience and evidence on restorative justice is an exciting, timely and much needed task that we are so honoured to undertake. We aim to provide evidence based, community-led solutions to harm and crime. But we need partners and strong networks to share this knowledge. Therefore, it is a great pleasure and an honour to work with RJI and look forward to building further international collaborations. We are confident that this partnership will help us share best practice, training opportunities and knowledge as widely as possible”.


RJI is a global restorative justice network and public policy association based in the United States (U.S.) with 5900 members and affiliates first created through social media venue

RJRN sits within RJ4All and is an international, non-profit research community which disseminates cutting edge research on restorative justice, identifies best practices internationally, and evaluates, promotes and publishes such evidence.

Notes to editors:

1. RJ4All contact: Dr. Theo Gavrielides,, @TGavrielides

2. Contact RJI at 916-367 1307 (U.S.)

Lisa Rea profile here:

Find RJI at, and at To become an affiliate member visit:

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