Publish in Restorative Justice Series

About RJ4All Publications

RJ4All Publications, the leading, international publisher with an exclusive focus on restorative justice, is calling for book proposals to be published as part of its Restorative Justice Series for free. We are interested in promoting, challenging and advancing the restorative justice field by publishing work of both theoretical and practical focus.

For example, we have published highly challenging theoretical work such as (2018). Human Rights and Restorative Justice, London: RJ4All Publications. ISBN 978-1-911634-00-3. RJ4All Publications is also the home of the world's leading, peer reviewed publication the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice.

We have also published work of restorative justice practitioners with a focus on bringing various practice models to life. This includes our 25 Restorative Justice case studies, RJ4All Publications: London. ISBN: 978-1-911634-01-0.

Why Publish with us

We are the leading publisher on restorative justice and all our e-books and Journal are indexed by EBSCO Information Services. They are available to over 170,000 universities and government departments from around the world. They can be downloaded from EBSCO databases as well as kindle and, of course, our online bookstore.