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Publish in Restorative Justice Series

About RJ4All Publications

RJ4All Publications, the leading, international publisher with an exclusive focus on restorative justice, is calling for book proposals to be published as part of its Restorative Justice Series for free. We are interested in promoting, challenging and advancing the restorative justice field by publishing work of both theoretical and practical focus.

For example, we have published highly challenging theoretical work such as (2018). Human Rights and Restorative Justice, London: RJ4All Publications. ISBN 978-1-911634-00-3. RJ4All Publications is also the home of the world's leading, peer reviewed publication the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice.

We have also published work of restorative justice practitioners with a focus on bringing various practice models to life. This includes our 25 Restorative Justice case studies, RJ4All Publications: London. ISBN: 978-1-911634-01-0.

Why Publish with us

We are the leading publisher on restorative justice and all our e-books and Journal are indexed by EBSCO Information Services. They are available to over 170,000 universities and government departments from around the world. They can be downloaded from EBSCO databases as well as kindle and, of course, our online bookstore.

We do not charge authors for publishing, and all our e-books are kept under £9,99 so that we continue to allow restorative justice for all! We are a private, non-profit enterprise.

RJ4All Publications applies restorative justice values when publishing. We are on partisan, but motivated by our values.

We aim to advance research, academic rigour, public and practical understanding of social harm, social inequality and alternative ways of restoring peace and crime. Ultimately, we want to affect positive change in society, and have a real world impact. "Real world impact: has been defined by the United Nations' Development Group as "Impact that changes people’s lives. Such changes are long term effects on identifiable population groups".

RJ4All Publications and the IJRJ are fully committed to ethical publication practice, and have a strict Publications Ethics Guidelines. RJ4All Publications adheres to the Code of Conduct for Journal Editors.​ RJ4All Publications and the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice are peer reviewed and guided by the Editorial Board and the International Advisory Board. Their membership includes some of the most prominent academics, researchers and practitioners in the area that we publish, such as restorative justice.

How to submit a book proposal

Independently of your background and whether you are a practitioners, a junior scholar or well established in the field of restorative justice, we would love to hear from you.

If you have a book idea, work that you have already written but not published, or are just simply preparing a manuscript, just email us at with the following information all included in one word file and under the following headings:

1. Full name, address, contact details and affiliations

2. Abstract of no more than 500 words

3. Proposed title, word count and expected submission date.

4. Confirm that the work is free of copy rights and that it has not been published before

5. Key audiences (e.g. researchers, policy makers, practitioners)

6. Any work that you may have published on restorative justice (e.g. hyperlinks to blogs, academic papers, consultations etc).

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