Baking The Britishness Cake: The organic ingredients of community cohesion

* originally published in Blasting News

Following last week's Finsbury Park mosque terrorist attack, a number of "experts" dashed to various TV and radio channels to argue about community cohesion and take a position on multiculturalism in Britain. Many even criticised the low-key media coverage of the attack, blaming journalists for their white supremacy and whitewash intentions.

The truth is that I am relieved that for once not too much drama was generated, given that the experts' media statements left me with fear and frustration. For these "experts", the community cohesion question is one of race and faith than one of society and equality.

Why am I being so critical? Well, simply because I don't believe that "cohesion" is something that is achieved by flexing muscles, or by telling non-British people what they need to do in order to integrate.

In fact, I believe that the organic concept of cohesion seems to have been approached by British media and policy makers as a list of ingredients that certain individuals – particularly faith and minority groups – need to have in order to be successful in baking the Britishness cake.