The 3-month terror of burning pigeonholes and knives: The mighty have fallen

** Originally published by Blasting News

Over the last three months, London was put to test three times: terror at Westminster Bridge, terror at London Bridge and terror at Grenfell Tower. As a Londoner, I have always felt fortunate, safe and privileged to be living in one of the most desirable, prosperous and diverse cities in the world. But, as I watched yet again the agony of my fellow Londoners, the rising numbers of the dead and the missing, I identified within me a feeling that I have been suppressing for months. A feeling that I never wanted to experience first hand. A feeling that New Yorkers shared on the 11th of September 2001. A feeling that I am now selfishly trying to release through this article.

Yes, it is true that Londoners, New Yorkers, Parisians, and so on, are living in the world's most advanced and wealthiest spaces. But like another Icarus, London flew too near the sun. The consequences and the aftermath of terror made me realise that our London wings are mere human constructs of feathers and wax, and despite our might, even us, Londoners, can fall. And what a fall it has been.

"Do you want all these Towers fireproofed, or brought down?", the journalist asked Nour Osman, one of the Grenfell Tower's victims. "Brought down ... they are like pigeon holes", she said. "You can't put human beings in pigeon holes ... just because we can't afford, they can't dump us somewhere like that". The journalist asked again: "What do you want?". "We don't want human beings to live in pigeon holes like that", she cried.

Her words reminded me of Charles Dickens' A