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The potential and benefits of combining therapeutic art with restorative justice are still not translated into educational material or programmes, leaving many adult learners and professionals in the field unaware. This eBook introduces the concept of restorative justice art and how it can be used towards healing and mental health restoration.


The ebook brings together all the research, pilots, learning and findings of the Mental Health Matters project, which was carried out in the UK, Greece, Cyprus Spain and Hungary. The project was coordinated by the RJ4All International Institute. This eBook contains summary chapters in English on the comparative findings of the project in the participating countries. There is also a long version of this eBook which features chapters in the participating languages as well as a comparative chapter in English. 


“Restorative justice art is not a new concept. Just like restorative justice itself, it is a tool that we want to bring back to life simply because it can improve mental health and facilitate healing. This ebook brings evidence to this claim”.

Professor Theo Gavrielides (RJ4All Founder & Director) MHM Coordinator

Restorative Justice Art: A tool for mental health and healing

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