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This Practitioners’ Guide is a practical tool for those who want to apply restorative justice practices to cases of intimate partner violence (IPV) including domestic violence (DV). This step-by-step, evidence-based guide can be used where harm has come to the attention of the criminal justice system or community-based restorative justice services.


The Guide is relevant independently of the chosen restorative justice practice (e.g. direct/ indirect mediation, family group conferencing, circles). Due to the complex nature of DV and IPV cases, it is expected that this Guide is also applicable in less complex cases including violence against property and the person, theft, youth violence and anti-social behaviour.


This up-to-date Guide was put together following original and desk-based research (Gavrielides, 2023; 2019), and with the aim of helping practitioners to create a safe and competent restorative dialogue when managing IPV and DV cases. It draws from the principles of the European Commission’s Victims’ Directive and human rights standards drawn from  the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The research behind this Guide was partly funded by the European Commission and is endorsed by the Restorative Justice for All International Institute. It targets European audiences and practitioners both within and outside of the criminal justice system.

A Guide to Implementing RJ: Intimate Partner Violence & Domestic Violence

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