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Edited by two leading restorative justice scholars from the West and East, this unique e-book bridges a gap in the literature by bringing together new evidence on the application of restorative practices in educational settings. The book has two aims. First, it builds a bridge between the restorative justice world in the East with that of the West. The volume demonstrates how similar the theoretical and practical experiences are in the two sides of the world. It presents us with evidence of what works in policy, research and practice and allows us to make comparisons for the future. Secondly, the book challenges restorative justice which is often seen through the narrow lenses of the criminal justice system.


Dr. Dennis S.W. Wongis a Professor of Criminology and Social Work at Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, and Associate Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong. His areas of expertise include juvenile delinquency, bullying studies and restorative justice. Prof Wong is honorary consultant on youth drugs abuse, school bullying and offenders’ rehabilitation for governmental organisations.


Dr. Gavrielidesis an international expert in human rights, youth policy and restorative justice. He is the Founder and Director of Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All). Dr. Gavrielides is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, the Youth Voice Journal and the Internet Journal of Restorative Justice. He has published extensively in the areas of youth justice, crime, antisocial behaviour, victims, human rights, equality and justice.


“It is arrogant indeed to think that schools in the west have all the answers and we are somehow more advanced in our thinking and practice. The scope of the chapters in this book travails many of the issues that face schools and systems everywhere. This book is highly recommended for anyone practicing, studying or legislating restorative justice in educational settings. Restorative practice is who we are, not what we do!”.

Margaret Thorsborne, Restorative practitioner, trainer, facilitator and author.

Restorative Justice in Educational Settings & Policies: Bridging the East & West

  • Foreword: Margaret Thorsborne


    Note on Contributors


    Restorative Justice Series by RJ4All Publications


    Introduction & Acknowledgements: Restorative Justice in Educational Settings and Policies: Bridging the East and West, Dennis Wong and Theo Gavrielides


    PART I: Lessons and experiences from the West


    Chapter 1: A Betrayal of Trust: Sexual Abuse of Minors in Western Educational Settings: Solutions with Restorative Justice, Mark Tsagas


    Chapter 2: Restorative justice in European educational settings: Preventing youth violent radicalisation, Sara Natividate and Giorgia Varvello


    Chapter 3: Changing teacher’s attitudes and Empowering pupils: A Restorative Justice approach in the UK, Marianne Kiff


    Chapter 4: Restorative justice in schools: Lessons learned from Poland, Beata Czarnecka -Dzialuk


    PART II: Lessons and experiences from the East


    Chapter 5: Restorative Justice as a Tool of Education of Empowerment and Social Change in South Korea, Ahn Eunkyung


    Chapter 6: Regulating road traffic violation by youth in India: A Therapeutic Jurisprudential approach, Debarati Halder


    Chapter 7: The history and development of the Restorative Justice movement in South Korean schools: Bringing the voices of RJ practitioners into educational settings, Hannah Kim and Jae Young Lee


    Chapter 8: Halting cycles of family violence through inclusive measures rather than excluding problematic students in Lae schools, Papua New Guinea, Miranda Forsyth, Dora Kuir-Ayius, Michelle Rooney and Mary Aisi


    Chapter 9: Restorative journey in Singapore schools, Katherine Kwan Yuyi


    Chapter 10: Application of restorative justice in Education Setting - Blooming hope amid the fall of Restorative Justice development in Hong Kong, Wendy C.Y. Lui, and Dennis S.W. Wong


    Chapter 11: Restorative Justice Education in Ancient and Modern Christian Theology, Rick Sarre


    The Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ™)


    The Youth Voice Journal (YVJ™)

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