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Equality & Human Rights

This multi-year, ground breaking project was initiated in 2013 by Dr. Theo Gavrielides on behalf of IARS with the aim of creating an evidence base for policy reform and practice within probation services in the UK and abroad. The programme is ongoing and has resulted in several publications including Gavrielides, T. and Blake, S. (2013). Race in Probation: Improving outcomes for black and minority ethnic users of probation services, London: IARS Publications. ISBN: 978-190764119-0 and the  Race in Probation Toolkit: BAME User Involvement in Probation Services 


To read about the events, free material, reports, presentations and seminars that the project has generated click here

This is an international research project aiming to bring race and cultural relations into the restorative justice debate. Following a presentation at the 2013 4th US National Conference on Restorative Justice, Dr. Theo Gavrielides initiated a new research project to investigate matters of race relations within the context of restorative justice theory and practice. The project is unfunded and carried out under the auspices of RJ4All.

Funded by Young Roots of Heritage Lottery Fund, the project sought to empower young women (aged 16+) to explore and preserve the hidden history of the changing role of Muslim women’s participation in sporting events in the UK since 1948 to the present day. Their findings were recorded in a film which you can view for free here The funds were raised by Theo Gavrielides on behalf of IARS. He also project managed it.

Comic Relief and Matrix Chambers funded project run by Theo Gavrielides on behalf of IARS. It is a user-led skills development and research programme that leads to the design and piloting of an evidence-based, user-led training and awareness raising programme for professionals and service providers focusing on the impact of gender-related violence on refugee and asylum-seeking women (RASW) and the need for a gender-sensitive treatment of this group. Dr Paszkiewicz, they project officer for this programme is delivering training sessions and seminars information on which can be accessed from here


To get the book (2013) Abused No More: The Voices of Refugee and Asylum-seeking Women, London: IARS


A user-led programme run by IARS, empowering 16 female volunteers to inform and influence how the police engages with young females with mental health problems while being in custody. Click here for more information.


Funded by the London Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and project managed by Dr. Theo Gavrielides, the project pubished its findings in (2012). Listening to Young Women in Police Custody: Mental health needs and the police response, London: IARS.

Restorative Justice in cases of domestic violence: Best practice examples between increasing mutual understanding and awareness of specific protection needs’ is a two year EU-funded project that began in February 2014 with a primary emphasis on the European Directive on Minimum Standards of the rights, support and protection of victims of crime. 


Dr. Gavrielides is the UK project lead on behalf of IARS. The findings from the first phase of the project have been published in Loseby G.,Ntziadima A. and Gavrielides T. (2014), Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence: A Critical Review, London: IARS Publications. ISBN: 978-1-907641-28-2

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