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Gavrielides, T. Lyon, B., Matczak, A. (2012), Restorative Justice in the UK, London: IARS Publications. 978-1-907641-14-5 (online).


This is an e-book available only in pdf and Kindle. For Amazon kindle purchase follow the link  


This e-book presents an up-to-date account of restorative justice in the UK. The book is a good tool for any undergraduate or postgraduate student, policy maker, practitioner or member of the public who wants to learn about restorative justice in the UK.

The e-book explores and discusses the current provisions, legislation and practice of restorative justice in the United Kingdom. Comparisons between England, Northern Ireland and Scotland are drawn, and contrasts between youth and adult practice are highlighted. The struggles with the traditional criminal justice system and restorative practices' place in it are also considered.

After a descriptive account of restorative justice, the book proceeds with a critical analysis. It presents current threats and opportunities for the development of restorative justice as well as a list of key practitioners and policy initiatives.

Restorative Justice in the UK