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This ebook is the result of the Restoring Power project, which was put together to provide useful information regarding creativity in educational settings and how professionals could implement creative teaching and learning. It to brought together 5 organizations from the UK, Norway, Turkey, Ireland and Malta to form a strategic partnership, who will support the development, piloting and transfer of an innovative techniques for the capacity the professional in education.


The Restoring Power ebook is the ultimate pride and concluding deliverables of the project. It will be the first in the area and it is the biggest legacy of the project. It aims to raise awareness about the benefits of creativity in education and share methods to be implemented in classrooms and in general school settings. Overall, it brings together all the research, pilots, learning and findings of the project into one e-book, produced collectively by partner organizations from all involved countries. The partners’ countries analyses are written in their respective national languages. Additionally, this ebook integrates policy recommendations and best practices and a comparative chapter of all findings in English. Last, the evaluation of the project is also presented.


Coordinated by the Restorative Justice for All International Institute and delivered in partnership with  Prios Kompetanse AS (Norway), PIXEL – ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE (Italy), Genista (Malta), Sultangazi (Turkey), I&F (Ireland).


Co-funded by Erasmus+ and coordinated by Dr. Theo Gavrielides

Nurturing Creativity in Education: Restoring Power E-Toolkit: Creativity in [..]

  • To cite this ebook: Gavrielides, T. (2023). Nurturing Creativity in Education: Restoring Power E-Toolkit: Creativity in Action. London: RJ4All Publications, ISBN: 978-1-911634-90-4.

    DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.32538.00960

    Authors: Nurturing Creativity in Education: Restoring Power Partnership

    Editor: Dr. Theo Gavrielides


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