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Professor. Theo Gavrielides, Phd

Founder and Director of Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS), Co-Director of the Restorative Justice for All institute (RJ4All), Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Restorative Justice of Simon Fraser University and Visiting Professor at Buckinghamshire New University.


"In our modern, western societies, we tend to measure success in how much economic progress we have made. Those who tend to measure progress in how much power they have shared often get ridiculed as dreamers living in a far removed reality.


Inequality and the fear of the other breed violence and inter-personal conflict. This is particularly true for women especially those who tend to be marginalised and abused due to additional elements that make them vulnerable to our ignorance let them be their race, disability, sexual orientation or economic status. Despite of being with us since the early societies, it is only until recently that the social problem of violence against women attracted the inter