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Purpose – This  research  aims  to  explore  the  issues  facing  staff  when  facilitating  RJ  with  victims and  offenders  who  have  a mental disorder (MD) such as problems , recommendations  for policy and further research.    As this report is being written, the researcher is not aware  of  any  research  specifically  examining  RJ  with  victims  and offenders with  MD. 

Design/methodology/approach – This was an exploratory study employing a qualitative methodology.  Thematic analysis was used to analyse the data.  There were six participants in total, two managers and four facilitators from the police and an independent RJ Charity.   These participants completed a semi-structured interview or a questionnaire.

Findings – Five main themes were drawn from the data; Challenges, Policy and Procedure, Preparation with sub-themes Psychological Preparation and Management and Risk, Professional communication and Working Agreements which included sub themes of Confidentiality,  Multi-Agency Working and Sharing of Information and finally Solutions and Future Directions.

Research limitations/implications –The findings offer areas for further research.  The use of the qualitative approach and small sample means that replication with other RJ organizations may be limited.   

Practical implications – The paper includes implications for further research and policy development


Key words: Restorative Justice, mental disorder, policy implications

Wild, C (2017). “A qualitative exploration of the challenges faced by police ...

  • To cite this article: Wild, C (2017).A qualitative exploration of the challenges faced by police and a community Restorative Justice Service in engaging victims and offenders with mental disorder in restorative initiatives”. Internet Journal of Restorative Justice, 5 Year Celebration Special Issue, ISSN (online): 2056-2985.


    Also available from kindle


    ASIN: B075NRWGF2


    Corresponding Author: 

    Ciara Wild, MBPsS RCsi FPiT, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust 

    Emails: or 

    Address: Flat 7 Woodbridge House, 145 Mornington. Road, Leytonstone, London. E11 3DZ 



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