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This article is a case study of a prisoner assistant facilitator (PAF) who contributes to the delivery of an inprison restorative justice programme known as the second-generation Sycamore Tree Project in a men’s prison in Australia. The article positions the PAF in the prisoner peer worker phenomenon as practised in correctional settings in Western societies.  Description is given to how this innovation came about, what contributions the PAF makes to the programme, and how challenges to the role are negotiated. The article closes with a discussion about the PAF as a variant of the prisoner peer worker phenomenon, and how this role contributes to the evolution of restorative justice in the prison system.



prisoner peer worker, prisoner assistant facilitator, facilitation, inprison restorative justice programming, restorative justice, Sycamore Tree Project

Anderson, J. (2018) A Case Study of a Prisoner Assistant Facilitator in an RJ ..