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This edited collection brings together 25 real case studies (plus 2 bonus case studies) written by leading practitioners from around the world.


The case studies cover issues such as domestic violence, murder, hate crimes, theft and youth violence.


Gavrielides, T. (2017). 25 Restorative Justice case studies, RJ4All Publications: London. ISBN: 978-1-911634-01-0.

25 Restorative Justice case studies

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  • Introduction: Dr. Theo Gavrielides


    Case study 1: Restorative justice & murder - Indiana, USA

    Case Study 2: Restorative justice & theft – Surrey, England

    Case Study 3: Restorative justice & human rights education, England.

    Case Study 4: Restorative justice & bike theft – Stockport, England.

    Case Study 5: Restorative justice & school altercations - Rochester, USA.

    Case Study 6: Restorative justice & theft – London, England.

    Case Study 7: Intimate Partner Violence by female & Restorative Justice, New Zealand

    Case Study 8: Restorative justice & race inequality - Hawaii, USA

    Case Study 9: Restorative justice & drunken driving causing death, Scotland.

    Case Study 10: Restorative justice & Assault, England.

    Case Study 11: Restorative justice & assault – Huddersfield, England.

    Case Study 12: Restorative justice & vandalism – Kitchener, Canada.

    Case Study 13: Restorative Justice and youth gangs, Somerset- England.

    Case Study 14: Restorative Justice and bullying, Somerset- England.

    Case Study 15: Restorative Justice and bullying, Somerset- England.

    Case Study 16: Restorative Justice and assault, Somerset- England.

    Case Study 17: Restorative Justice and rape, Denmark.

    Case Study 18: Restorative justice in prison – Canada.

    Case Study 19: Restorative Justice and vandalism, Wales – UK

    Case Study 20: Restorative Justice & School Sexual Harassment, Maryland - USA.

    Case Study 21: Restorative Justice and Neighbourhood Conflict, USA.

    Case Study 22: Restorative Justice and theft by youth, Maryland - USA.

    Case Study 23: Restorative Justice and theft by youth, Maryland - USA.

    Case Study 24: Restorative justice and theft, London - UK.

    Case 25: My Experience with Restorative Justice, Canada


    Bonus Case study 1: Restorative Justice & in-prison conflict - West Midlands, England.

    Bonus Case study 2: Restorative justice & burglary – Belfast, Northern Ireland.


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