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This year has witnessed a youth-led movement in the United States to end lenient gun control laws to curb the rise of youth gun crimes, and many lives spared. Particularly, an average of one school shooting per week occurred in the United States in 2018 (CNN 2018). Lenient gun control rules violate the human right to protect “the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, without discrimination or prejudice of any kind” (Amnesty International 2018). Accordingly, there has not been a more important time to apply restorative justice practices; potentially through involving the stakeholders of youth gun violence crimes to ensure that victims understand their rights and responsibilities, and offenders and prospective offenders to understand the impact of these crimes on the community. This is further aligned with inspiring potential legislative changes to ensure the human rights of certain groups in the community are not violated nor compromised by current laws.


Human Rights and Restorative Justice aims to challenge current thinking on restorative justice and human rights. ......

Review of ‘Gavrielides, T. (Eds.). (2018). Human Rights & Restorative Justice.

  • To cite this book review: Radhi, R. (2018). Review of “Gavrielides (2018), Human Rights and Restorative Justice. London: RJ4All Publications. ISBN 978-1-911634-00-3”. Internet Journal of Restorative Justice, Special Issue Restorative Justice and Complex Crimes, ISBN: 978-1-911634-05-8, ISSN (online): 2056-2985.


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    Corresponding Author

    Reem Radhi

    Durham University, Reem Radhi


    Also available from Kindle

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