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At RJ4All, we strive for a more cohesive society by distributing power through educational activities, awareness raising and user-led projects. This e-book is the result of our latest "Restorative Art through children’s eyes project" leading to a unique exhibition, led by our children.


The project falls within our wider partnership programme with local art club, Bizzie Bodies, titled “Culture and Art for Unity” and is supported by Southwark Council as part of Black History Month.


The project is founded upon the belief that culture and art can bring people together and encourage community cohesion. We use restorative justice values such as equality, involvement in decision making, inclusion and empowerment, to support our children to lead on the art creation, and through their work increase cultural awareness.


We host a Restorative Justice Series, and publish selected work in the form

of e-books and books. This booklet forms part of the Series.


Authors interested in publishing their work with RJ4All Publications should get in touch with the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Gavrielides

The story of Restorative Justice Art through children's eyes

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