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Gavrielides, T. (2009). The Needs of the Youth-led Sector During the Economic Downturn, London: IARS Publications, ISBN: 978-1-907641-38-1.


This is an e-book available only in pdf and Kindle. For Amazon kindle purchase follow the link


The effects of the recession on young people are becoming widely documented with extreme rises in youth unemployment, greater needs for advice around legal and benefit issues, as well as rising demands on housing and mental health services for young people. In addition to this there is a greater demand from young people for volunteering opportunities and ‘things to do’ as they find themselves struggling to find work. Within the Third sector there are many youth-led organisations that are playing a key role in supporting young people around these issues.

The youth-led sector is an emerging sector of organisations that have young people in strategic decision making roles and who work to deliver services. The youth-led approach is unique as it empowers young people to deliver training, services and support to other young people. This sector may be particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of the recession because they tend to be grassroots based operating on small budgets and may not have the necessary infrastructure support needed to guide them effectively.

The main purpose of this e-book is to raise the visibility of the youth-led sector and increase awareness of its needs during the economic downturn. This is the first e-book looking at the needs of the youth-led sector during a difficult economic climate, while setting key definitions such as what is “youth led” and a “youth led sector”.

The Needs of the Youth-led Sector During the Economic Downturn

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