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This e-book presents the work of children and young people who used the values of restorative justice to create and deliver a youth-led social action project that enhanced community cohesion. The project was called Sailing the Mayflower to Equality and Justice in alusion to the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage, which left Rotherhithe and took Pilgrims to America, seeking religious freedom. The e-book brings the results of young people’s work to life with the aim of inspiring other people in the community to do
the same, and become community leaders in their localities independently of where they are from.

The e-book is a live testimony of the value that youth-led social action can bring to community cohesion and it articulates how art, dialogue and restorative justice can be used to empower migrant communities and motivate young people to become inspirational leaders

All proceeds will go towards our charitable projects

Sailing the Mayflower to Equality and Justice: A RESTORATIVE JUSTICE STORY

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