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Theo Gavrielides’ highly original edited anthology, Equality Matters for Restorative Justice, brings together cutting edge contributions by leading scholars that critically consider restorative justice and equality together. In doing so, this book is a must-read for those who study, research, and work in the field of, restorative justice. This work thoroughly succeeds in its aim to complicate, enrich, and deepen, conversations about restorative justice by engaging with considerations of equality and restorative justice together in a manner that has no precedent in the work of Western scholarship. The book considers new dimensions of how equality and diversity issues intersect with restorative justice theories and processes. Normative and empirical dimensions of issues surrounding equality and restorative justice are explored.

This anthology makes a significant and timely contribution to the literature on restorative justice. It is abundantly clear that criminal justice systems across Western nations disproportionately amplify and compound the marginalization of accuseds hailing from vulnerable groups, such as those who experience discrimination on the basis of their race, gender, sexuality or Indigenous heritage. Mainstream acknowledgement of the importance of considerations about equality, diversity, and inclusion is rapidly growing in the criminal justice systems of Canada, the UK, and other common law jurisdictions.  Scholarship, activism, and advocacy undertaken from feminist and other critical lenses has often been critical of contested assumptions about the autonomy and flourishing of marginalized participants in restorative justice process. Indeed, a critical and nuanced understanding of (in)equalities is vital to progress on authentic peacebuilding at the local, national, international, and global levels.

Review of 'Gavrielides, T. (2018) Equality Matters for Restorative Jusitce'

  • To cite this book review: Bromwich, R. (2019). Review of 'Gavrielides, T. (2018). Equality Matters for Restorative Justice, London: RJ4All Publications. ISBN 978-1-911634-03-4.' Internet Journal of Restorative Justice, ISSN: 2056 - 2985

    Corresponding Author:

    Rebecca Bromwich

    Carleton University, Rebecca Bromwich, Ph.D.

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