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This unique, evidence-based e-book aims to capacity-build all those working in youth settings to prevent gender-based violence. It is the result of the Erasmus+ Chance for Change (C4C) project which focused on the use of restorative justice and media education for preventing any type of gender-based violence among youth.


The C4C Competence Framework is the work of 6 partners working under the coordination of the Restorative Justice for All International Institute (United Kingdom). The partners are: One Terrene International (OTI) from Cyprus, EPIMORFOTIKI KILKIS from Greece, ASAD Cooperativa Sociale from Italy and UNIVERSIDAD DE HUELVA from Spain.


The Competences Framework consists of 14 competencies, which have been identified as not included in the fundamental and comprehensive Competencies Frameworks for youth workers already available in the EC literature (e.g. see ETS Competence Framework for Youth Workers by Salto Youth). 


The second key element presented in this e-book is the ‘Competence Self-Assessment Tool’. This has been developed as an online tool that enables users to understand what each competence in the framework means and to assess their individual ‘level of proficiency’ in each competence. The tool is designed to match the competence areas and competences set out in the Competence Framework.


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