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This blog outlines the view of a young person on the issue of radicalisation and counter terrorism. She looks at the role of restorative justice during her placement at the RJ4All Institute.


Happy International Restorative Justice Week 2018! This year (for my #RJweek blog 2017 here, 2016 here, 2015 here, 2014 here, 2012 here), I decided to focus on the extreme ideologies that corrupt our ability to live together, and which gradually lead to...


Human rights have always been seen and treated as a hindrance to counter-terrorism policies and practices. At the same time, terrorist and violent acts are a violation of basic human rights at both the individual and collective levels. I believe that this tension betwe...

In Europe, the latest terrorist attacks, such as the London underground bombings in 2005 and the shooting in Munich in 2016, created a narrative for young people that is presented within “two frames: ‘Youth as Problems’ or ‘Youth as the Future of the Nation’, both of w...


Here in the UK, we are grabbling with our Prime Minister's decision to call for a snap election. The election results have been shocking and indeed embarrassing. But unlike other political commentaries, this piece is not about party politics. It is about division and m...


It was early in the morning of July the 7th 2005, when I took my usual train from Hatfield to travel to the Ministry of Justice where I used to work as the Human Rights Advisor. Around 8:30, my train arrived at Kings cross where I changed to take the underground. It wa...


Over the last 10 years, new anti-terrorism legislation and executive measures have been introduced in almost all Western states in the hope of meeting enhanced security obligations. Special powers have been handed over to the executive and ad hoc procedures have been i...


Critical blogging by Theo Gavrielides on international human rights day.


Here in the UK, we are grabbling with our government's decision to abandon our EU membership. As the country is divided and hate incidents are increased by almost 50%, I wrote a think-piece with the aim of presenting a critical analysis of Europe’s missed opportunity f...


Open Letter to Rt Hon Harriet Harman MP: Parliamentary Inquiry into human rights and business

Dear Rt Hon Harman,

I am pleased to submit our response to your inquiry into human rights and business. I understand that you have asked for evidence focused on how far the 2016...

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Dehumanising the Paedophile: A restorative justice approach

June 30, 2019

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