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Happy International Restorative Justice Week 2018! This year (for my #RJweek blog 2017 here, 2016 here, 2015 here, 2014 here, 2012 here), I decided to focus on the extreme ideologies that corrupt our ability to live together, and which gradually lead to...


Human rights have always been seen and treated as a hindrance to counter-terrorism policies and practices. At the same time, terrorist and violent acts are a violation of basic human rights at both the individual and collective levels. I believe that this tension betwe...


Today, with funding from the London Mayor’s Culture Seeds programme, the Restorative Justice for All Institute launched the Children and Art for Unity (CA4U) programme. This is a children-led, community cohesion project in the SE16 London area. It will be delivered in...


Wong, D.S.W and Gavrielides, T. (2019). Restorative Justice in Educational Settings and Policies: Bridging the East and West, London: RJAll Publications. ISBN 978-1-911634-07-2. 

The restorative justice literature is rich in its depiction of Western culture, p...


The title of this article is provocative, but hopefully not misleading. By “Offenders no More”, I do not wish to suggest that we can ever stop harm from happening. We are indeed capable of committing the greatest, but also the most shameful acts in nature. The title ai...


Happy International Restorative Justice Week 2017! It has become somewhat of a tradition to write my annual thoughts on restorative justice on the Sunday preceding our international celebrations! (For 2016 here, 2015 blog here, 2014 blog here, 2012 blog ...


Violence in all its forms is a matter of concern. However, violence that also corrupts our ability to function and live together as a society, and denies our humanity and value as human beings is a cause for even greater concern. Hate crime is one example, and the inte...


It is safe to say that restorative justice has proved itself in many areas of crime and violence. It is a worldwide movement, which like all justice theories and practices has its good and bad days. Since its return in the 1970s, we have seen it implemented in various...


* originally published in Blasting News

Following last week's Finsbury Park mosque terrorist attack, a number of "experts" dashed to various TV and radio channels to argue about community cohesion and take a position on multiculturalism in Britain. Many even criticised...


** Originally published by Blasting News

Over the last three months, London was put to test three times: terror at Westminster Bridge, terror at London Bridge and terror at Grenfell Tower. As a Londoner, I have always felt fortunate, safe and privileged to be living in...

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June 30, 2019

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