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Although the term ‘legal capability’ is not in our everyday vocabulary, and this is especially true for young people, it refers to the basic ingredients that make an active citizen who is able to fully participate in everyday life. Being legally capable simply means to be able to perform our role as equal members of society while being aware of our basic rights and responsibilities. It is not about complex legal concepts; it is about empowerment and proper education. However, there is a balance that needs to be struck when expecting individuals, especially the most vulnerable, to maximise their democratic role.


This e-book presents the findings of an exploratory study into young people’s legal capability. The need for Public Legal Education for groups of marginalised young people was investigated, and recommendations, based on the findings, are suggested.

The evidence suggests that young people had weaknesses in knowledge, skills and attitude, which lead to a reduced legal capability. The value of public legal education is highlighted while best practices are discussed for piloting and further research.

Measuring Young People’s Legal Capability

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  • Foreword

    Executive summary


    Literature review

    Developing the concept of legal capability

    Findings from the young people’s legal capability pilot study


    Youth-led Recommendations

    Appendix 1: focus group and interview questions

    Appendix 2: background information of young research participants


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