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In the present article several critical issues on domestic violence are addressed focusing on the violence between spouses/partners. Especially the dimensions of the phenomenon in the Greek society are approached through the results of previous empirical researches and also the legal framework in Greece is presented, namely the provisions of the Law No 3500/2006. Moreover, the application of restorative justice measures in cases of domestic violence is being discussed, while the findings of recent research in the State’s Prosecutor’s Office in Thessaloniki regarding the procedure of mediation in Greece are presented and analyzed. The noted inadequacies give rise to further study and underline the need for reform in criminal justice policy.


Key words

domestic, violence, mediation, Greece, spouses, partners, prosecutor, law, legal framework, research, IJRJ

Pitsela, A., and Chatzispyrou, Th. (2013). "Domestic Violence and Mediation in..

  • Pitsela, A., and Chatzispyrou, Th. (2013). "Domestic Violence and Mediation in Greece: Findings from the implementation of the restorative procedure", Internet Journal of Restorative Justice, ISSN (online): 2056-2985.


    Corresponding Authors: 

    Angelika Pitsela , Associate Professor of Criminology & Penology 

    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

    Angelika Pitsela <>


    Theofili Chatzispyrou , PHD cand. in Criminology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Scholar of the State Scholarships’ Foundation, Attorney at Law

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